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When sprayed directly into the face, the purple liquid may startle the attacker and temporarily disrupts the attack. The purple dye hits the attackers face with force and will likely cause the attackers eyes to close. Upon spraying the attacker, side step to avoid the attacker if he/she approaches. They likely will not be able to see you and will go to the place where you were positioned before their eyes closed. Escape immediately, run to a safe place and call the police. DMS will mark the attacker with a purple dye and UV marking dye. The purple dye alerts others to stay away and notify the police. The purple dye and UV tracer help the police identify the suspect.

The idea is to be prepared, so take DMS with you wherever you go. Carry in hand when walking alone, entering or leaving buildings, hallways, elevators, car parks etc. Be aware of your surroundings. Know how to properly use your DMS spray and be ready to use it. AFTER SPRAYING THE ATTACKER, ESCAPE IMMEDIATELY, RUN TO A SAFE PLACE AND CALL THE POLICE. DO NOT TRY TO CAPTURE THE ATTACKER!

Ingredients: Approx 48ml Water, Purple dye and UV dye. DMS does NOT contain tear gas or pepper spray.

An H20 Training spray is also available. This allows you to practice how to use the DMS so you are prepared should you ever encounter an attack situation, but without turning anyone purple!

Warning: Please note that it is your responsibility to learn the enclosed instructions on the how to and when to use DMS products. Niton Equipment Ltd assumes no responsibility whatsoever, regardless of nature, for physical injury or property damage resulting from intentional, accidental or negligent use, or for the functions of any DMS spray subjected to influences beyond our control. We will honour no claim which may result from careless handling. The use of DMS for any purpose other than to deter an attacker is a crime under the law. Illegal use of DMS is punishable by fines, imprisonment or both. You cannot carry DMS aboard aeroplanes. DMS has been designed to very temporarily startle and deter an attacker. You must move immediately after spraying the attacker and you may need to protect yourself from any attempted strikes or grabs. Attempt to escape to a safe area and call the police! Be aware of what is going on around you and always be ready to use DMS immediately if necessary!

Also Available H20001 Water & UV Spray
NPW039 Niton Nylon Spary Pouch

DMS Will NOT fit in the Niton Polymer Holster NPW128 or any other Polymer Holster.



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