Our Story

We believe that creating a safe, risk-free environment empowers individuals and companies to flourish and plays an important role in social and economic advancement. Through our training and integrity, we strive to be the best security providers in this region by continuously improving our people and procedures.

Offering a complete array of security related solutions, Security Guardsis an independently owned and insured security firm.

We are proud of our staff of highlyskilled and experienced security officers that include retired military personnel and police officers. We employ only the very best applicants by conducting rigorous job interviews.

We approach local and regional safety from a global viewpoint. We use innumerable applications, methods and strategies that make our security firm the sound choice that it is.

Aside from the most important advantages -safety and crime prevention – our customers who use our armed and unarmed protection solutions also realize tremendous monetary savings annually through avoidance of thefts and property damage.

In addition to this, most industry insurance carriers give our clients significant discounts on their insurance policies due to having implemented one of our comprehensive security plans.

Contact us for more information at +441613545194 (training)