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Noene Heel Pad Insole



Noene Heel Pad Insole

Noene vibro absorbing Heel Pad helps to relieve tendonitis, joint and back pain.
This 4mm Heel Pad is made entirely of Noene material and is ideal for walking, jogging, basket-ball, football, tennis and indoor sports.

•Suitable for use in any shoe type.
•Available in 4 sizes (sizing by UK shoe size): T1 2-4, T2 5-7, T3 7.5-9 & T4 9.5-11
•Guaranteed effective for up to 3 years!

Instructions for use: simply fit them into the heel area of your shoes. Wear heel pads with socks, elastomer side facing shoe.

Why Noene?
With every step, an athlete creates a shockwave that is more than 4 times greater than impact energy (an athlete weighing 70 kg creates 280 kg/wave with each step). Thanks to their unique composition, Noene inner soles effectively absorb up to 98.8% of shocks and vibrations to protect your back, tendons and joints during sports and/or leisure activities on hard surfaces.

Noene is known for being thin and lightweight, and athletes appreciate that it maintains the sensation of floor contact, without causing biomechanical instability during running, unlike other heel pads that are too thick, too soft or too viscous. You will always go farther and last longer with Noene, without difficulty and without pain for all activities in life.


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