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Magnum Strike Force 8.0 Side Zip


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Magnum Strike Force 8.0 Side Zip WP

The New Magnum Strike Force 8.0 Waterproof Side Zip is a first for Magnum. Not only is it a Waterproof Side zip which Customers have been requesting but it incorporates 3 innovative Technologies that give this boot class leading comfort, safety and functionality!

This New Style is available for pre order and will be sent out from the 24th of October.

The 3 Technologies are all specifically sourced to give the wearer the highest levels of performance in each area.

The First technology is a new partnership for Magnum with Michelin. The Michelin Sole on The magnum strike force Waterproof Side Zip is made from Michelins high abrasion Work Outdoor Compound. The Anti Slip Tread Pattern is inspired by Michelins Power rain and Pilot Alpin Tyres to give excellent grip. The Wide Grooves on the sole are for increased water evacuation and enhanced flexibility increasing the boots performance levels no matter the conditions. There is also a special arch design for better adherence and a side sculpture for maximum support.

The Michelin outsole on the Magnum Strike Force WP, offers Comfort, Flexibility and Support, Optimal braking and a specific antislip design for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Second technology is Magnum’s Recoil Midsole. The Recoil midsole gives 40% higher Rebound than standard EVA midsoles so each step you take is easier and more cushioned, ensuring ultimate comfort and performance.
The Recoil Midsole offers Sport shoe cushioning technology in a uniform boot for instant and all day comfort.

The Third Technology is Armourgel the ultimate impact protection. Armourgel is exclusive to Magnum and was developed at imperial college London and is a revolutionary energy absorbing material. The Armourgel has been placed on the ankle area to protect the ankle bone from impact injuries and is lightweight and flexible so it won’t reduce your ankles dexterity. Armourgel offers 3 times higher impact protection than foam. It stiffens on impact to protect you from injury. Unlike normal padding made from PU or EPS foam it can sustain multiple impacts and is self regenerative.

The Magnum Strike Force Waterproof Side zip is not only Magnums first waterproof side zip boot it is a leap forward in integrated technologies from Michelin, Recoil and Exclusive Armourgel, giving a boot that performs at the highest levels of comfort, protection and grip to ensure that whatever your role, Magnum are with you at every step.


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