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Long Range Driveway Monitor Alarm


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The Long Range Driveway Alarm / Monitor operates the same way as a general driveway alarm but can transmit the alert over a much larger distance.

This allows placement of the PIR sensor from the receiver unit up to 1000 feet apart.

This alarm ideal for more rural locations, farm yards, monitoring oil tanks, Equestrian centres and even HGV’s or trailers where you may require a greater transmission range.

It can also be useful if you have a number of obstacles between the PIR sensor and the receiver, such as thick concrete walls, that may prevent standard drive alarms from working.

  • Can transmit up to a distance of 1000 feet (clear line of site)
  • The Base unit is powered by a supplied power adaptor
  • The PIR sensitivity level is adjustable
  • Up to a 12 metre PIR detection range
  • PIR- Narrow operative lens to reduce detection distance and angle
  • Ideal Product for the Farming community


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