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Ticket Board IDvue


  • Easy to operate – The IDvue requires minimum instruction, and staff can be trained in just a few minutes. No calibration is required, just fit the batteries and its ready to use.
  • 3 White LEDs –¬†2 LEDs are automatically activated when you inset the ID, instantly illuminating the card and maximising the finer details, even in low light environments. 1 externally positioned LED that is independently operated making it easier to check larger IDs. These lights will highlight the 3 dimensional printing and colour used in genuine holograms.
  • 3 UV LEDs –¬†Many IDs, currency and documents have UV markers on, so the 3 UV lights (2 in the viewing panel and 1 external) will flood the ID so you can identify any UV security printing. As the UV lights are incorporated into the IDvue it also eliminates the need for separate UV lights or pens.
  • 10 x Magnification – Three magnification panels mean you can thoroughly inspect an ID for inconsistencies in the printing and finish, as well as detect security micro printing such as that used on UK drivers licenses.
  • LCD Screen – You can pre programme the IDvue for +18 or +21 age restrictions. With a flick of a switch the calculation from the date of birth is automatically done for you. Clear and accurate information is then displayed on the large LCD screen.
  • For use anywhere – A moulded rubber grip and wrist lanyard mean that it is easy to hold (and keep hold of!) if youre working the door or on mobile patrol. Alternatively the IDveu can be mounted by the till or doorway, and has 4 rubber grip feet to keep it one place.

The IDvue is an easy to use hand held device that allows you to accurately check identifications cards. If you sell any item that requires proof of age, such as alcohol, knives, 18 rated DVDs, pets….The IDvue has magnification, UV and white LED lights to highlight all the security features now used to help you identify fake IDs.

The introduction of new legislation means that the retailer is now firmly responsible if something is sold to an underage customer, not the person attempting to break the law by using a fake ID. 2010 saw the law change to a “Two strikes and you’re out policy”, meaning if you are caught selling age restricted products to a minor (particularly alcohol), twice in two months you could lose your licence. This now extends to serving someone who appears to be 18 but fails to produce a drivers licence or other ID with a Hologram.

Protect your business Whether you work in an off licence, newsagents, pet shop, pub or games store, the IDvue will detect the counterfeit documents and fake IDs that could jeopardise your business.
Numerous printing techniques are now used to enhance the security of ID cards, and the IDvue is designed to help you identify these features on genuine IDs…and spot the fakes.

Holograms: Difficult to replicate without expensive equipment that is not widely available. Although accurate recreations are extremely difficult, using a mixture of pigments and base can create a shiny multi coloured look that may pass a cursory inspection. IDvue uses bright light to flood the hologram so that even in low lighting you can check for genuine 3 dimensional hologram printing and eliminate the fakes instantly.

Micro Printing: The use of text so small it is indiscernible to the naked eye commonly used on driving licenses, currency and bank cheques (for example the UK driving licence has micro printing on the border of the Union flag. The magnification panels in conjunction with the white LEDs make it easy to spot any micro printing, as well as imperfections in the printing and general finish of the card.

UV Ink: Widely used on licenses, currencies, credit cards and official documents UV ink is invisible to the naked eye, and the effects are incredibly difficult to recreate. The UV LEDs on the IDvue mean you can check for UV images in the background printing, embedded into the plastic or on the signature strip, easily identifying counterfeit and forged cards within seconds.

The easiest way to protect your business is to make it easier for your staff to identify underage drinkers, counterfeit IDs or currency, so the IDvue is the one item you can’t do without.


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